New Home

New Home
The girl in red contemplatin a falling moon

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


God bless all the poor souls, and help us to help them.
Candle lights will guide them to the place our Lord have for them.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


There were canvas everywhere that I noticed after I moved and saw that the paintings on the canvas where part of the background; it was like watching through a window but you could paint in the window and change the landscape. Then I noticed that all the canvas where hanging with fiberglass ropes that also reflected the landscape in the background, suddenly you didn't know if what was in front of you was real or canvas, and there were canvas all around me.
The forest was beautiful, but such a weird place; I was walking through it to find a road or a way out when I passed out next to one of the green apple orchards and each and everyone of the apples had masks put on them, and they were all muttering about me; I kept walking through the forest cause after listening all those apples muttering about me I decided that it wasn't a good idea to get into the orchards.
When it got dark the moon wasn't in the sky instead it was hiding from me in a tree's boughs; I was quite amazed at the time, so I ignored it and kept walking to the shore, I fell on my knees when I saw them, they were gigantic rocks floating on the air with trees on them and rivers that jumped to the abyss and fell like breeze on the ocean, also houses on the top with bonfires and people working the fields; they were moving through the sky above the ocean maybe they were moving to find a nice place to land.
The shore was full with doors standing in the sand without walls and like the canvas they were reflecting the landscape but in morning time; the sun was shining in the doors but the night was just starting for me, the moon was hiding still in the tallest tree of the forest and the floating rocks were far away from the shore, and just a fading sparking of the houses' bonfires was visible.
I peeped towards one of the doors, but when I opened it the other side was filled with stone leaves and doves that were formed from the stone leaves, the beautiful cooing of the doves made me dare myself to stay a while. I don't know if they could fly cause the leaves that formed them were stuck to the boughs buried in the sand and there wasn't a spot without a branch with stone doves cooing; the sun was in the highest point in the sky and the stone was bright white an astonishing field for the viewer, but it wasn't my door out.
I followed a trail of footsteps in the sand that leaded me to another door; next to the door was a pair of boots the tip of the boots was from human foot almost cover by sand. I opened the door...
I woke up and a lot of people were standing around me; somebody asked me if I was fine, and then they explained me that I had been beaten in the head by a sculpture that fell behind me right when I was standing in front of a Rene Magritte's painting.

Kavin Orantes

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Wallpaper

He was trying to watch TV; this night was the great season finale ending but the scratching inside the wall was quite annoying; maybe rats inside the wall he thought (maybe because of a couple of beers that he just had).
The show was in the best. Oh boy! He was exited but something shivered the wall so hard that he suddenly woke up from his enthusiasm; he left on the center table his 4th beer and walked to the wall, but before he reached it the wall shivered again with such a thump that his shoulders leaped back and his eyes got lose in a abyss of doubt.
First he thought that his neighbor was getting hit, or maybe somebody fell.
When the nerves where gone; he decided to take some snacks from the kitchen and more beer (if he was hearing because of the beer then he was going to make a party in his head). In his way to the kitchen a scratch followed him from inside the wall; now he was unquiet, and the green rosettes in the wallpaper seemed to be spinning, so curiosity had won to fear, and he drew near to the wall.
He heard a smooth growl.

Next morning the wallpaper had some burns, nails and blood as if somebody fought to not be swallow by the wall.
Indeed! A beautiful wallpaper got wasted.
Kavin Orantes

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I was on my way home last night, quite weary if you ask me, the weather was so cold that my nose was completely red and I couldn't avoid sneezing a couple of times.
Lights were reflecting onto the sidewalks, the bright yellow broke into several colors giving me such a kaleidoscopic view of the underground city.
I took from my pocket a cigarette and searched the lighter with my other hand, "God damn it" it wasn't such a thing as a lighter in my pockets, I put the cigarette back in my pocket and started walking again.
Suddenly I was stopped by footsteps behind me, my first reaction was to turn around my head, nobody was there, the footsteps kept going toward me, I saw nobody the street was desolate, and without notice my legs were shaking and jittery.
I heard the footsteps stop... Nobody stood in front of me
Who's there? -I asked quite quaky.
"Nobody"- I heard, and the footsteps continued till fade into the distance.
Now I can ask myself if Somebody is out there too.

Kavin Orantes