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New Home
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Wallpaper

He was trying to watch TV; this night was the great season finale ending but the scratching inside the wall was quite annoying; maybe rats inside the wall he thought (maybe because of a couple of beers that he just had).
The show was in the best. Oh boy! He was exited but something shivered the wall so hard that he suddenly woke up from his enthusiasm; he left on the center table his 4th beer and walked to the wall, but before he reached it the wall shivered again with such a thump that his shoulders leaped back and his eyes got lose in a abyss of doubt.
First he thought that his neighbor was getting hit, or maybe somebody fell.
When the nerves where gone; he decided to take some snacks from the kitchen and more beer (if he was hearing because of the beer then he was going to make a party in his head). In his way to the kitchen a scratch followed him from inside the wall; now he was unquiet, and the green rosettes in the wallpaper seemed to be spinning, so curiosity had won to fear, and he drew near to the wall.
He heard a smooth growl.

Next morning the wallpaper had some burns, nails and blood as if somebody fought to not be swallow by the wall.
Indeed! A beautiful wallpaper got wasted.
Kavin Orantes

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