New Home

New Home
The girl in red contemplatin a falling moon

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I was on my way home last night, quite weary if you ask me, the weather was so cold that my nose was completely red and I couldn't avoid sneezing a couple of times.
Lights were reflecting onto the sidewalks, the bright yellow broke into several colors giving me such a kaleidoscopic view of the underground city.
I took from my pocket a cigarette and searched the lighter with my other hand, "God damn it" it wasn't such a thing as a lighter in my pockets, I put the cigarette back in my pocket and started walking again.
Suddenly I was stopped by footsteps behind me, my first reaction was to turn around my head, nobody was there, the footsteps kept going toward me, I saw nobody the street was desolate, and without notice my legs were shaking and jittery.
I heard the footsteps stop... Nobody stood in front of me
Who's there? -I asked quite quaky.
"Nobody"- I heard, and the footsteps continued till fade into the distance.
Now I can ask myself if Somebody is out there too.

Kavin Orantes

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